Flexible Rapier Weaving Machine

Lujia machinery main products of textile machinery are mask machines, rapier looms, shuttle looms, high-speed rapier looms. Shandong Lujia Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales of various textile machinery. The company can develop various special models of loom according to customer requirements.
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  • GA747-Ⅲ type flexible rapier loom is the result of the three new improved user views GA747 series rapier basis. The product is more adaptable, improve the ability of heavy fabric. Suitable as a raw material of plain, twill, and satin weave cotton jacquard small hemp, chemical fiber, such as spinning and donations. The product of the sword around the weft insertion tape, ASGT211 dobby shedding, the outer six-color weft, warp machine, concentrated refueling.

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