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  • The LJ-H type high speed rapier figuration design combines well with the metal shield, and has the simple installation and nice looking. The reliability, stability, flexibility and applicability for LJ-H type Rapier Weaving Machine ensure the high quality of your fabric.

  • This GA618-180CM Arab Scarf Loom can weave towel and the towelling for clothing.1f the loom is epuipped.With jacpuard mechanism it can produce figured pillow cases.Bathtowels,towelling coverlet etc.

  • GA736-III rapier loom is together with the advantages of various looms from home and abroad at present. it adopts flexible rapier ribbon in weft insertion,controlled by micro-computer,steady performance,lower voice,convenient operation. GA736-III rapier loom can easily weave fabric of plain,twill and heavy fabric.

  • Folding type face dust mask machine is an automatic machine to produce the finished face mask ,and to weld face mask by ultrasonic .From material feeding for produce face mask blank to welding the ear-loop, this folding type face dust mask machine integrate 1 set face mask bank machine with 2 sets outside ear-loop machine by the mask distribution system ,so that improved its automation. Only 2 person are needed to operate.

  • GA615ZP velveteen automatic shuttle changing loom is developed times to meet weaving demands. Now our shuttle loom feature cam opening and upper spring flexibility, Five digits button startup brake, warp and weft electrical position stop and direct startup.

  • GA747-Ⅲ type flexible rapier loom is the result of the three new improved user views GA747 series rapier basis. The product is more adaptable, improve the ability of heavy fabric. Suitable as a raw material of plain, twill, and satin weave cotton jacquard small hemp, chemical fiber, such as spinning and donations. The product of the sword around the weft insertion tape, ASGT211 dobby shedding, the outer six-color weft, warp machine, concentrated refueling.