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Automatic/semi-automatic N95 mask machine equipment

Product description:

The fully automatic/semi-automatic N95 mask machine equipment adopts the latest ultrasonic welding technology, which has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable operation, stable operation and convenient operation. It realizes the automatic production of the entire process from fabric feeding to finished masks. One person can operate multiple production lines at the same time; The production efficiency of N95 mask machine equipment is 20-30PPM, and the daily output is about 30,000 to 40,000 pieces.
The production efficiency of the semi-automatic N95 mask machine equipment is 30-40PPM, and the daily output is about 40-60,000 pieces.
It mainly includes automatic feeding of coils, automatic feeding of nose clips, ultrasonic roll welding of the shape of the mask body, identification information pad printing, earband welding, automatic folding of the mask and butt welding, die cutting, finished product blanking, waste removal and other processes.

Fully automatic/semi-automatic KN95 mask machine equipment is on sale, the factory direct sales, welcome to visit the factory at any time, accept the reservation!