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The Pandemic Opened The Mask Machine Market


mask machine

Mask machines help mask manufacturers adapt to large demand.

Who can think that the new global "hard currency" in 2020 is actually a mask? Because of the impact of the epidemic, global masks are in a state of emergency. Because of the continuing epidemic, many manufacturing companies scrambled to join the team of conversion masks. The bosses of many enterprises even want to produce masks across borders. At this time, the mask machine has become the most demanding commodity.

However, it must be said that the seemingly simple masks are really a lot of problems for temporary conversion. To apply for a medical device manufacturing license, it takes only three months to review and approve. Time is money. In order to produce masks faster, we need more helpful mask machines.

The prerequisite for approval is to be equipped with a 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop. The reason why many car companies and manufacturing companies can switch to production is also because these companies have such conditions. If you want to produce a civilian mask first, and wait for the medical device license to be directly converted into a medical mask, then you have to face the problem of buying a mask machine.

Of course, masks actually bring some business opportunities. For example, the mask vending machine only needs to install the mask into the machine, and then the user can purchase it by himself. It is important to know that masks all over the world are now scarce materials, and the production capacity of many countries is not as high as China. Therefore, even if the epidemic is over, the demand for masks should not be underestimated. The demand for mask machines is even greater.