GA736 Shuttleless Rapier Loom
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GA736 Shuttleless Rapier Loom

GA736 Shuttleless Rapier Loom independent selvedge, directly sent down, back and forth winding to increase velvet, velvet actively send, electronic warp stop, the electronic structure of the advanced technology to stop, the electronic stopping down the like, and various common premium stretch woven velvet level.

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Product Description

GA736 Shuttleless Rapier Loom

GA736 shuttleless rapier loom combines the advantages of the current domestic and foreign rapier loom, the flexible rapier weft insertion, microcomputer control, stable performance, low noise, convenient operation, suitable for weaving various plain, twill, heavy fabric etc.. The GA736 shuttleless rapier loom the independent air by a worm, short hand of four-bar linkage beating up, double cloth pressing roller type coiling, six bar linkage weft insertion, bearing type beam supporting feet, with large beam disc.

This GA736 shuttleless rapier loom is used for the intelligent computer control electric box, E type sensor, servo volume and servo feeding, with workers has the advantages of simple operation, smooth fabric tension, reduce worker's labor strength.

GA736 Shuttleless Rapier Loom Key Features and Specifications:

Working width:

4500px 5000px 5750px 


145-190r / min

Pages harness frames:

Up to 16 

Weft color selection:

6 colors (dobby control) 

Type of selvedge:

leno selvedge

Disk diameter:

pile warp beam disc Φ530mm, the warp beam disc Φ495mm

Cloth diameter: 


By meas ding:

electronically controlled 6 

Down stop device:

two electronically controlled

Wei Ding means:

a piezoelectric ceramic

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