Shuttle Looms

Shuttle looms are very easy to handle when weaving fabrics with relatively simple tissues, but relatively difficult to handle fabrics with complex tissues. For safety production, shuttle looms are usually divided into left and right hand carts. The switch handle on the right side of the machine is called a right hand cart, otherwise it is called a left hand cart.

The shuttle looms have poor versatility. They use cotton, wool, silk and hemp looms to process different fiber fabrics. In order to adapt to the particularity of the fabrics processed, there are towel shuttle looms, leno shuttle looms, plush shuttle looms, water hose shuttle looms, sack shuttle looms, metal screen shuttle looms and so on.
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  • This GA618-180CM Arab Scarf Loom can weave towel and the towelling for clothing.1f the loom is epuipped.With jacpuard mechanism it can produce figured pillow cases.Bathtowels,towelling coverlet etc.

  • GA615ZP velveteen automatic shuttle changing loom is developed times to meet weaving demands. Now our shuttle loom feature cam opening and upper spring flexibility, Five digits button startup brake, warp and weft electrical position stop and direct startup.

  • GA615A red edge denim looms is a new type of color weaving machine based on 1515A structure with features of simple structure,easy operation and maintenance,and most of the parts and components are ex-changeable.

  • GA615BA towel weaving loom is most fitted for weaving cotton pile loop fabric.Technical character is tics of the one single faced or double-faced pile loop formed for every 3or4 picks.The towel weaving loom machines can weave with 4 different yarns (with different materials or coIours).

  • This gauze weaving loom machine principally is applied for weaving plain cotton textile, i.e. adding all sorts of twill or multi-arm heddle mechanism and available for weaving twill or complicated pattern textile.

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