High-speed Rapier Looms

High-speed rapier looms has the characteristics of high speed, high degree of automation and high-efficiency production of shuttleless loom. Its active weft insertion method has strong variety adaptability, can adapt to weft insertion of various types of yarns, and rapier weaving. The High-speed rapier looms machine are also has obvious advantages in multi-color weft weaving, which can produce up to 16-color weft yarn-dyed products.

High-speed rapier looms are mainly designed to solve weft insertion methods, including rigid, flexible and retractable weft insertion methods. Its main products are clothing fabrics.
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  • The LJ-H type high speed rapier figuration design combines well with the metal shield, and has the simple installation and nice looking. The reliability, stability, flexibility and applicability for LJ-H type Rapier Weaving Machine ensure the high quality of your fabric.

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